Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boy meets Baby.

I'm not sure if any of these are from the actual first time Payne saw Genevieve (Thanks Narcotics!), but I thought they were cute.

I think this was right before Payne yelled "baby eyes!" and was narrowly prevented from poking one of the baby's brand new eyeballs. Poor thing.

On day two he was much more comfortable with the whole hospital idea. He set up this little nest himself, in order to watch some cartoons.

I love it!

He was telling us about "baby seepin' " and calling her "Ev-ee" or "Gen-veev".

Oh, and he has sort of fixated on the fact that she was dirty the first time he saw her. Oops. On the way back to our house with my parents today he kept asking "Baby sidder all clean?" Baby sidder get baff?" Then he busted into the house and yelled "Baby sidder here! Her home!". I love the enthusiasm and I hope it continues for, oh, the next 16 years or so. What do you think my odds are on that one coming through?

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