Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two and a half and he already thinks I'm stupid.

After Payne woke up from his nap today he started knocking on the inside of his bedroom door and yelling "Heh-whoooooa!" like normal.

I yell back "You up buddy?"

Him: "Yeah! I in my room!" (good to know)

I go open the door, he greets me, points behind him, and says "Dis my bed."

I had no idea son. Thank you.

Random Aside: My all time favorite "Payne waking up" event was when we had a house guest that was staying in the room next to Payne. He got up in the morning and Payne heard him moving around, so Payne yelled to him "Hi! Mommy? I hear you! It's me, Payne!". HA.

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