Sunday, July 17, 2011

Go Seep.

A new game Payne really enjoys is to "Go seep in Daddy's bed". He requires an assistant for this game.

He climbs into bed and then yells "corn!" (come on) at his assistant. Once the fellow player gets into bed he arranges the pillows for both parties, instructs all to "wie down" and then covers himself and his helper in a blanket. As he stares at the ceiling, he never fails to turn to the prisoner, er, helper next to him and instruct them to "turn on fan!". After the ceiling fan is turned to an acceptable speed all are re-tucked and Payne mutters "I go seep. Nigh nigh."

Things are quiet for approximately 20 seconds before the game starts over again...or the bed is converted into a trampoline.

I discovered yesterday that pictures of the "Go Seep" game are NOT to be tolerated.

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