Monday, December 27, 2010

The Cane Wars.

Whew! Sorry I've been remiss in my blogging. We're still out of town for Christmas and will be until 2011, so my access to computers is limited.

Christmas went really well. Payne got lots of presents. Of course the best gift of all was three whole days with his four cousins. We could barely convince him to take breaks from playing in order to eat and sleep. I'm pretty sure he lived on sippies of milk for a good 48 hours.

Of all of the gifts Payne recieved, his favorite is none of them (of course). He has been playing nonstop with his Grandpa's cane since we arrived in town. He grabs it, squeals "Pop-op. Cane!" and then happily marches around the house with it, nearly causing multiple head injuries to innocent passers by as he goes.

Now, his older male cousins have taken him under their wing and have taught him a thing or two. At one point on Christmas evening, the three boys were each running around the house with a cane, stopping to hold it like a rifle, and making shooting noises at each other. You can imagine that a 2 year old running around, holding a cane longer than his own body up to his armpit, and yelling "pshoo! pshoo! pshoo!" is absolutely mind blowingly funny. It certainly added to the picture that Payne was shirtless.

Another episode of The Cane Wars with more clothing involved, unfortunately.

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