Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Payne has developed yet another attachment to another object (the boy needs a playmate). Along with his menagerie of stuffed animals, comforter, and blanket, he now maintains a loving relationship with his pillow.

"Piwwy" as the pillow has lovingly been monikered, is necessary for all vegging on the couch opportunities. Piwwy must be arranged for proper back and neck support at all times, and dachshunds are NOT to touch "him" under penalty of much yelling and arm flailing (which naturally freaks them the hell out since they've caught many a tiny fist to the snout) on the part of Payne, dedicated lover and protector of stuffed objects.

If I tell Payne he needs a diaper change his response is "Ipe-err? Piwwy!" and he trots off to his room, grabs his beloved, brings the pillow to wherever I'm waiting (a bit exasperated at this point) with his diapering supplies. He carefully places Piwwy on the floor, then painstakingly takes a seat and leeeaaans back until he is lying with head, shoulders and back on his pillow. One must have appropriate ergonomic support for diapering breaks, naturally!

The dynamic duo soaking in an episode of Super Why.

Oh,and Dan bought "me" (really, imagine finger quotes and an eyeroll here) a new little camera so that you won't be subjected to any more visual garbage produced by my cell phone. So now I can share more gorgeous photos of Payne, like this!


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