Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ninja baby is taking his apprenticeship seriously.

I have no idea how he did this in the 30 seconds I was wiping down the kitchen table after dinner...silently.

(Note the little boys dream shoes from yesterday's post. Maybe they're magical too.)

He moved his unfinished wooden steps over tile silently. They're normally very loud when pushed around. I was four feet away with my back turned for not even a minute!

The finger on the scrolley wheel slays me. At least I caught him before he got that e-mail out to Child Protective Services. (Glances from side to side)

Also, you've discovered how cluttered my kitchen is. Crap. I hate that damn spikey plant! I've tried to set it out on the deck to die multiple times but Dan always discovers it and admonishes me. It's two freaking years old! I guess now would be the time to admit I'm generally openly resentful towards houseplants. heh heh.

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