Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I missed it!

I was at work tonight and Dan had a story for me when I got home.

Apparently Payne had too much fun with Pappy and Granny today, and didn't take a long enough nap. Dan picked him up and made him dinner, which he was happily eating until Dan noticed Payne had tucked his hands behind himself and nodded off a bit. His head nodded, and nodded,.....and nodded; sloooowly inching down towards the table (at this point Dan was trying to silently laugh and take a picture at the same time).

His forhead finally made contact with pot pie, but this only caused him to snap up a little higher, not wake up. Eventually the goo on his forehead woke him up, his face still about three inches from the table top. He wakes up still leaning over, spies a chunk of chicken, and pops it right in his mouth without sitting up. I guess the chicken was just enough motivation to keep him awake, and he proceeded to clean his plate.

He's never fallen asleep at the table before! I missed a very important milestone, dangit!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Rachel that made me laugh so hard. Poor Payne. Elizabeth has done that before too. You cant help but laugh when they do that.