Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He loves shoes.

Don't all kids? I love that every child at some point puts on their parent's shoes and shuffles around the house. Payne does this all the time.

(the missing arm was lost as a result of typical toddler vibration)

Payne loves to go get his "sooze", go get mine, go get his Dad's, shove them on his feet, shove them on my feet, shove them on Dan's feet. He gets exceptionally mad if he's unsuccessful when wearing adult shoes, and will cry, then yell for "howp!".

The shoe love was taken to a new high recently though. My parents bought him these.

Oh sweet Mother of God. They have a dinosaur on them. They have a dino track on the sole. They have eyes; eyes that LIGHT UP. Payne took one look at these and fell in love. He now merrily stomps his way around the house and bends over double (butt straight up in the air) so he can watch the eyes flash from as close of a vantage point as possible.

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  1. Here I am merrily reading your blog when my son walks up behind me. "I found dinosaurs!" "Dinosaur footprints!" "Boom boom boom!" "Dinosaur eyes!" This all took about 4 seconds. Tell your parents thank you from me. :)