Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He's getting crafty.

Payne has recently started wanting more companionship in his play, and he's gotten really good at being adorable enough to lure you into it. He'll be sitting on the floor and look up at me and plead "Ma! Siiit!" while patting a spot right next to him and shooting me the biggest Bambi eyes ever produced by someone who hasn't seen the movie Bambi. Or, he'll walk up to me and say "Hen!"(hand)and grab my hand and lead me to whatever toy he wants me to help him with.

It's too cute, and it makes me feel really bad to turn down the cuteness if I'm making dinner or something.

I mean, could you turn him down? With this face and a furious pat at the chair while asking you to "siiiit"? No. No you could not.

He asks me to share that recliner with him all the time because we used to share it when he was a lot smaller, side by side. Now, "sharing" it means I'm sitting entirely on one hip, with one arm up on the back so I don't fall over, while he lounges, blissfully unaware of my discomfort. Harumph.

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