Thursday, December 16, 2010

I guess greed is a great motivator.

Dan and I got a new king sized mattress tonight, but we don't have a frame yet, so it's on the floor at the moment. Payne was bouncing around on it as we were both lounging and we asked him if he was ready to go to his bed.

He responded:

"Dis my bed! I seep herr!"

Whaaaat!? Dan and I both looked at each other dumbfounded. He's never said something that complex before!

I guess we just have to buy him an $800 gift each time we want him to have an explosion of verbal expression. Oh, and no. We didn't let him sleep in the new bed, despite his excellent communication of his desire to do so. We're motivation crushers. (evil cackle)

Payne "howping" put our old bed frame up in the guest bedroom. When he actually lined up the bolt up with the socket and it snapped in place he went "OooOOOoooh!". Ha!

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