Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Eternal Subject

All kids are fascinated by poop, are they not? Payne is no exception.

When in a public restroom with a caregiver. Payne will ask loudly and clearly "(insert name of caregiver here) poop?". Awesome.

He also likes to yell "poop!" anytime I'm changing his diaper in public.

Oh, and on Tuesday I about laughed my butt off, because he was watching Stella wander around in the back yard through the window, and very solemnly declared "Dog, poop".

Poop is serious business, folks.

And then, AND THEN a couple of weeks ago Payne was playing in the back yard while Dan fried some chicken in the turkey fryer to get more use out of the 3 gallons of oil that were in there. Payne was sitting next to me in a rocking chair and Dan said he was playing with a rock. I looked, and it was SO NOT A ROCK (gag). My child was holding a small piece of fossilized dog poo. I swear to you the backyard had been cleaned the day before. (gag, gag, gag)

There is poop in his hand in this picture and we didn't even know yet.

Ugh. I'm still grossed out about this. As Dan said, my perception of this set of photos will forever be tainted. heh heh.

I had to update: Payne was just sitting behind me in my office chair and he pulled back my jeans, looked down my pants and said "poop". No, fortunately I had not pooped my pants, but I guess it's fun to pretend. Ha!


  1. My most disturbing poop experience:
    Gustin's potty training and he decides to poop in the backyard. Britches then decides she must roll around in it. *shudder* So much more disturbing than dogs wallering around in each other's poo. I think Eric didn't let Britches back in the house for days.

  2. Oh wow. You win! I can't look at my dogs for days after they do stuff like that either.