Monday, December 20, 2010

My child can survive on fruit, milk, and cheese...fries are a huge bonus.

Oh Lordy have we entered the picky eater phase. I'm really sort of in awe of the single minded determination of the picky toddler.

He will pick every tiny sliver of shredded lettuce of of a tortilla before putting it in his mouth. Although his fingers are covered in sour cream, he will doggedly flick and flick until he manages to fling the lettuce off of his hand.

He can have a huge mouthful of food, and (because of some toddler specific super sensory node yet to be discovered), make a face when he encounters a microscopic speck of the maligned vegetable family. Of course, this results in him spitting out half of the mouthful, digging through it, removing the offending item, and shoving it all back in his mouth.

We offer him everything we eat. We do not make him a special meal if he won't eat ours. He is completely unperturbed by not eating at all if a meal doesn't include fruit, dairy, or potatoes. Oh, but he HATES mashed potatoes, which I find hilarious since he loves hash brown casserole.

Let me get this straight:
-Smushed up potatoes loaded with butter and salt and milk: Disgusting, gag worthy swill.
- Finely riced and sort of smushed potatoes loaded with butter, salt, milk and cheese: Food of the Gods.

Ok then.

(sigh) This little boy ate room temperature green beans straight from the can.

Ok, now that I'm staring at his sweet face I feel kind of bad that I had him do that.

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  1. Oh man! If you figure out how to break him of his picky eating let me know. Asher went 2 days with only eating 2 granola bars, a quarter of a pb&j sandwich and a piece of apple. The third day he was so lethargic we gave him anything he wanted to eat. He would rather STARVE than eat casserole! And faint rather than eat hamburgers. 8th% for weight- woot woot! :(