Sunday, December 5, 2010

The three word phrase.

I'm loving Payne's first real attempts at sentences.

"My hoe dit!" (My hold it)

"Da-ee hoe dis?" (Daddy hold this)

"Go Da-ee cah" (Go in Daddy's car)

"Ma goway!" (Mama go away)

"My puddit way/My nigh way" (I put it away/I put my blankie away)

A few two word phrases that crack me up too:

"Own it!" (Open it. This might be directly related to his recent birthday.)

"No moooore!"

"Eeet fooood!"

"Pay toys!" (Play toys)

"No! Paaaaay!" (I would like to stay longer at the park/play area please) Ha.

"Daddy toss/shoos/cah/eeet" (He sort of likes to talk about Dan.)

"Ed-dow! Siiiiiit!" (this involves furious patting of some desired sitting surface for Ethel.)

"Cose it!" (Close it. He adores running around and shutting doors.)

Some single words he's picked up recently:

"Teef" (when asking to brush his teeth)

"Wid" (lid)

"Joose!" (Juice. It was only a matter of time.)

"Wah-were" (Water)

"Bear" (Clear as a bell, and he can spot them anywhere. He pointed out a bear shaped shrub the other day!)

"Gook" (No really, that's how he says book.)

"Bizz" (His word for his toy drills, because they buzz.)

Oh, and how could I forget "poop"? Ha ha. He loves to yell that one at inopportune times.

On Friday, when he woke up from getting ear tubes put in, he looked at me, held his hand up to his ear and said "booo!" (boo boo) with such a surprised little expression on his face. It broke my heart! He was a champ though and was fine within an hour.

(Cotton ears. Shortly after my Mom took this picture we got Payne some Sprite and his life was complete)

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  1. I'm so glad that getting his tubes went well. Maybe now he can stay healthy! Poor guy!