Friday, October 22, 2010

23 months ago today, I took this photo.

We are two days shy of Payne's 23 month birthday, so I took this exactly two days before he was born.

Are your readyyyy?

Ta Daaaa! (I apologize if you're one of those weirdos that is feet phobic)

There are two very funny things about this photo:

A) My toes look like Little Smokies.

B) I'm wearing two different shoes.

I. About. Died. when my 39week and 4 day pregnant butt slapped my feet up on the dashboard and realized I had just fulfilled on of those infamous pregnant woman stereotypes. Not only had I put on two different shoes and walked out of the house, but I'd been running errands for HOURS before I noticed!

I remember it clearly. I noticed my shoes, almost cried, Dan parked the car at Wal-Mart, and I attempted to refuse to go into the store. My nutrient deprived pregnant brain was CONVINCED every person in the store would notice my shoes and laugh at me. Dan saved the say with "You're being stupid." Blunt, but accurate; very Dan.

And the kicker? We were running around frantically on a Saturday when I was too pregnant to see my own feet because we were exchanging or returning absolute boatloads of baby girl clothes. Two different ultrasound techs at two different appointments told us our baby was going to be a girl. The Friday before the shoe incident of 2008, I had an ultrasound to estimate the kidlet's weight, and it turns out he was very much a boy. I might have fallen off of the table when the tech informed me of this, except, you know, I couldn't roll from side to side without an assistant. Thank goodness we found out before his birth, or he would have come home in a pink knitted hat with a scalloped edge and a dachshund print.

That would have been awkward.


  1. Instead Clara came home with that hat!

  2. I was so happy you chose to use that Colleen. I squealed when I saw the pictures of her coming home!