Friday, October 29, 2010

A timely disaster.

So Dan and I are making dinner, and Payne is getting antsy for food. I, being a lovely nutritionally minded Mother, set him up with a plate of fruit at the kitchen table. We go about our business, nothing to be concerned about, or so we think.

Things get suspiciously quiet. I turn and look at Payne.


(that was supposed to be the score to Psycho)

I KNOW, right?

So it turns out pomegranate seeds pop like mini balloons! Yay! How incredibly fun is popping dozens of tiny balloons? Payne thought it was a thrill a minute! Of course these mini balloons are full of nice, dark, incredibly staining red juice. The juice which was now all over my kid, my kitchen table, the mini blinds, the floor, and the walls.

How horrible is it that the first thing I did was laugh, and think of this?

And the second thing I did was make Dan take a picture?

Ok, well at least I cleaned up the kid and the walls before putting the picture on the internet (Puts gold star on Mommy behavior calendar).

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  1. That is awesome! Glad you caught it on camera!