Friday, October 29, 2010

Things Payne says funny.

I might as well have titled this "Things Payne says" heh heh.

He has mastered key, eye, bye, daddy, mama, cheese and hi. Humans not related to him actually understand those. All of the now too numerous to remember words are something that few can understand.

Some of my favorites:

Piggy: Gee! (We were watching the library puppet show yesterday and he kept yelling "Geee!" at the puppet pig. Aw, born heckler.)

Doggy: Doddy

Help: How (he asks me for "how" about 400 times per day right now)

Potty: Pah-ee! (This he screams anytime I head to the bathroom, and continues to scream while standing in front of me and trying to unroll the toilet paper)

Sit: This one just became clear, but until a few weeks ago his sit started with a "T". Yeah.

Water: wawer

Muffin: Muh! Muh! (while he flails his arms and looks at me desperately)

Cookie: Key! (This can get confusing as "key" also actually means a key and he's obsessed with the mail)

Blanket: nigh (as in night night)

Dog: Dao!!! (Yes, this is always spoken in a way that would imply three exclamation points)

Diaper: ipe-errrr

Golf: Goff! (my Dad has started the indoctrination early on this one)

Ball: doll

Bath: Baff! (which is always said while tring to take his own shirt off)

Shower: another super clear one, unfortunately he thinks it means to get naked (signing him up for therapy)

Up: Uh! Uh! Uh! (while staring up at me with what can best be decribed as Puss's eyes from the Shrek series)

Door: Doh-wer

Go: Goo! (which is always chanted as if we were at some sporting event)

Socks: soss

Shoes: soos

Toes: toss (I guess he likes his feet)

And my very favorite, "Dee doh!" which doubles as "There you go" and "Thank you", very Hawaiian of him, don't you think?

I could go on. I love this kid and his toddler speak so very much.

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