Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who needs more than one adjective, really?

Payne has a huge enthusiasm for "spotting" cars. Considering we live in a huge metroplex, he spots them often. Our walks through parking lots have often come with a running commentary of "Cauh (car)...caaauh. Cauh! Cauh. Caaaaauuuh!".

Now the new development is the addition of the word "big". We have an adjective, yay! He uses "bee cauh" (big car) to describe trucks. Yeah, we've attempted to teach him the word "truck" but he's onto us (or potentially smarter than us) and is going the route of using two words he already knows instead of one new word. Payne has cleverly eliminated the need for the use of any other adjectives, or even qualifiers. His trick? Why, he uses volume to indicate increasing "cauh" size instead. Why didn't I think of that?

Payne cruising down the road:

(sees sedan) "Cauh."

(sees F-250 truck) "Bee cauh."

(sees delivery truck) "BEE cauh!"

(sees 18 wheeler) "BEEE CAAAAUUUH!"

(sees wide load trailer with pre-fab house in tow) I'm not sure as we haven't run across one yet, but I'm thinking his head would simply explode.

Or maybe he'd pass out.

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  1. OMG I laughed out loud!! Emily just introduced me to you blog, and I'm hooked! -Kellye