Saturday, October 23, 2010

Poor Ethel.

Ethel has put in a lot of leg work when it comes to getting on Payne's good side.

When I was pregnant she used to drape herself across my stomach and every time Payne kicked her she huffed out a little satisfied doggy sigh and closed her eyes. Once he was born she would not leave him alone. If we set him on the floor she would root around his body, trying to reposition him just like a Mama dog shifts her puppies. He used to cry during his baths and I'd have to lock Ethel out of the bathroom because it upset her so much. So instead she would throw her body against the door repeatedly while I bathed him!

Now she's endlessly tolerant of him. He "pets" her, which more often resembles a low level beating, and she just winces every now and then and lays still. She lets me know when she thinks his morning chatter in his room has progressed to "Get me out of here" chatter. She's pretty much the model of a kid friendly dog.

What does she get in return for her saintly behavior? Last night, Dan and I were quizzing Payne on his body parts and we asked "Where's your elbow?"

He yelled "Eb-ow!" and pointed straight at Ethel.

Haaa ha ha! Poor girl.

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