Sunday, October 24, 2010

Like a deer in headlights.

I've talked to several Moms about this, and I find it hilarious that we all experience this same phenomenon on occasion.

Babies and young children can be pretty disgusting. I'm not sure how applicable that statement is to older children and teens, but since they don't wear diapers, I'm pretty sure they can't compete with the little'uns. Occasionally, my child will produce some sort of disaster of bio hazardous nature, and I'll be the one responsible for the haz-mat cleanup.

There is this moment, directly after the "incident" where you have absolutely no idea what to do. There is "stuff" everywhere, or there is "stuff" in such a precarious position as to potentially be everywhere if you don't address the situation correctly. So, you just stare at your child. You take a step left...(no no...that won't work), you take a step right...(but what about? Ah crap), you reach for your child, you let your arms fall again...this can go on for a solid minute, while Junior stares at you expectantly.

I swear, it's like gag worthy event induced paralysis.

Eventually, your brain kind of tosses together a plan, although the plan usually ends up failing you and you still end up scrubbing something unspeakable out of your kids hair, or out from under your fingernails, or off of the wall, or what have you.

Isn't parenthood GREAT?

And now I'll grace you with an illustrative photograph!

(Made you look!)

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