Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stella is a head case.

Although I'll be the first to admit it probably isn't her fault.

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I mean, Stella was in our engagement pictures, so obviously we set her up for a bit of an identity crisis. I got her as a Junior in college and she was queen bee for two years. We indulged her every weirdo whim.

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She's always been, um, quirky to the max. She growls and growls at us about minor details around the house that aren't to her liking. She hates it when we move around the furniture. She'll sit by a blanket and growl at us until we put it over her. She constantly growls for food, but then only takes a few bites and saunters away all "Who's the Alpha now biatch!" but her newest thing is even weirder.

I assume this is related to the laundry room being her "sanctuary" from Payne, with the baby gate and all. However, it's really really unsettling to walk into the pitch black laundry room, flip on the light, and find Stella chillin in the whites bin. THEN she has the nerve to look up at me like I'm interrupting something! She seriously gets a "Do you mind?!" look on her face.

So yeah, my dog hangs out in the dirty laundry, by herself, in the dark. Not sure what to do with that.

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