Sunday, October 31, 2010

Church is fun.

It seems like every other week Payne does well in church. Dan and I get all hopeful that maybe we'll get to actually absorb something during mass soon, and then we get the devil child the next week.

Today was devil child day. heh. He was crying and yelling and we were trying to get him to be quiet, and he kept hitting us, which was fabulously embarrassing. Parent #1 would chastize him for hitting Parent #2, and then Parent #1 would get the toddler equivalent of "eff you" followed by five wee little fingers to the face.

So, I took him outside for a time out. This turned out to be more of a field trip than a punishment. Did you know a child can play with a BRICK WALL? That's it. Just brick and mortar. He was sitting there during his punishment smiling and laughing at the wall. I can't compete with that level of resourcefulness!

So after his time out, I said:

"Payne, are you going to be good in church now?"

Payne: "Uh huh."

"You aren't going to hit, right?"

Payne: "Uh huh."

"You're going to be quiet, right?"

Payne: "Uh huh!"

"Ok, lets go. Give me a hug."

Payne: (smacks me in the face)

Gosh, I'm so awesome at this whole discipline thing!

But, I think I've got the perfect punishment. I'm going to put this picture of him up, to hang around in cyberspace for all eternity. Maybe one of his friends will find it when he's 14. Muah ha ha!


  1. That is too funny! I just witnessed a child's ability to entertain himself with a brick wall myself yesterday. I had to take Gustin outside for time out at church and no matter what I did to make it a miserable experience for him, he seemed to find a way to have fun! I think he a Payne are kindred spirits. We may not want to get them together too much or they may learn to conspire against us! :)

  2. Oh, man. Those two are going to make a dangerous pair! Two like minded boys, 18 months apart. Hold me. ;)