Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another chapter in the Life and Times of Piggy.

Payne was bored while I was making dinner. The obvious solution was to steal my sweater and make a bed for Piggy directly at my feet.

I was none to pleased because I was browning meatballs, which is a high stress activity for me. Why you ask? Getting a meat sphere browned on all sides is really freaking hard. Also, I loathe being popped by oil, and it's pretty much impossible to avoid during the the constant rotation of small balls of ground meat in hot olive oil, dangit!

What were we talking about? Oh right.

So I helped Payne move Piggy's bed to the couch in order to avoid venting my frustration by punting the innocent pink fluff ball directly into the window blinds.

And all was again right with the world.

Also, it's possible we should have started the sibling production a bit sooner. Payne is getting attached to an increasing number of objects. He went to bed with a hooded towel on Wednesday, and just a bit ago he asked me to hug and kiss his pillow goodnight before he went to bed. If I catch him snuggling with a pencil box or a hairbrush I may have to stage an intervention.

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