Monday, January 17, 2011

My Day in photos.

The Seventh Circle of Hell. Oh wait! That's just the local indoor playground and coffee shop.

I neglected to realize that it would be insanely, hectically, and noisily crowded because it was both raining and a school holiday. Payne scurried up into the bowels of the labyrinth on the top level and was nearly lost to me. I had to chuck my shoes and sacrifice my dignity to retrieve him when it was time to go.

Ah crap.


Pre-bed hysteria with Dan. I love them.

Things I didn't catch on film.
- Payne running up to Dan and yelling "My hug!" (sniffle)
- Me screaming at the poor boy when he reached for a hot cookie sheet on the counter.
- A two year old attempting to eat a lettuce wrap.
- My doctor trying not to laugh as my son gamely attempted to put my shoes back on for me.
- A toddler saying Elephant (Eow-en-ent!).
- The sound of Payne bludgeoning the inside of his bedroom door with the naked carcass of Mr. Potato Head after he was supposed to be asleep.

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