Saturday, January 8, 2011

Before I forget...

Payne had Dan, Eric, Emily and I practically rolling this morning.

Dan told Payne that he was going to Best Buy, and he wanted Payne to come in "Daddy's car" with him.

Payne said "No! MY car!",promptly crawled into his cozy coupe and set his jaw. Dan informed him that it was in fact impossible to drive to Best Buy in a cozy coupe. Payne responded by bursting into tears and yowling " No! MY car! My drive!" and slamming the cozy coupe door on Dan, over and over again. Eric wisely explained to Payne that it would probably be impossible to "Fred Flintstone" the coupe up to highway speeds, and Payne responded with more tears and exclamations, and scooted the car out of the family room into the kitchen.

He was so very mad, and we were laughing so very hard! Poor child. We probably gave him a complex. The story ended happily enough though. Once he was peeled out of the coupe kicking and screaming and carried into the garage, he forgot all about his desire to chauffer.

Arrrrgh! I'm so frustrated I didn't get a picture!

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