Monday, January 3, 2011

Piggy gets a makeover.

Payne decided Piggy needed some foot protection today. Although he required my assistance when it came to fine motor skills, the design work was all his.

You know what? I'm showing the under eye bags for the sake of realism. This kiddo was a total bear today and I'd earned them by 6 p.m. (I mean, I was putting shoes on plush animals to keep him happy at this point. It was a long day. heh heh)

As is vividly illustrated, after Payne set Piggy up with his sweet kicks, he propped the world's luckiest swine up in my lap and handed him the remote.

Piggy is treated pretty well these days, although he's still subjected to the occasional spanking. Payne likes to try to snap Piggy into his car seat. He sets Piggy on his knee while riding in the car, in a direct replication of how Dan and I set Payne in our laps. I've also found Payne sneaking him "sips" of milk, and showing Piggy the sights by holding him up to the car window.

I guess that faint but persistent "loved" smell is the price a prized toy pays for such privileges.

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