Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm in trouble.

Oh sure, he/she looks innocent and blob-ish enough (at 7 weeks 1 day here), but we all know who this really is. This is Payne's future partner in crime.

The working title for the wee one who will tilt the household balance of power in the children's favor is Nugget.

I will have as many children as I have arms come the very end of July, so you can all feel free to pray for me!


  1. YAY congrats. I didn't know when we were visiting. I loved seeing you all. I hope Payne does well with a younger brother or sister. He finally got along with e later in our visit.

  2. Only two? That's not really multiplying and replenishing the earth! ;) Congrats! You will be awesome, and yes a future partner in crime to be sure.