Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun with Huggies boxes continued.

And tonight we added two wire hangers joyfully discovered in the master bedroom closet!

So Payne climbed into a box with the two hangers (they were important somehow, although I wasn't smart enough to quite figure it out) and I pushed him around on the rug for a bit. Then he got up and asked me to get in. Well, really, it sounded like "Mom! Dehr!" over and over again. Therefore, I stuffed my butt into the huggies box, he handed me the hangers, then insisted I put them in the front of the box (maybe they were a steering wheel?) and he "pushed" me around the family room. That must have looked awesome. He was alternating between grunting and yelling "Beep beep!" at me. Heh heh. Of course I was sneakily propelling myself along crab style (again, must have been a killer visual).

Then he stuck his face in the box and looked at me through the slat in the bottom, and then made me stick my face in the box and look at him, while he laughed hysterically, for the next hour and a half.

Why do we buy toys?

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