Monday, January 10, 2011

The boy loves his "swidr".

The best $0 I've ever spent.

I got myself a fancy crumb vacuuming swiffer last year (Oh yeah, I live the high life!) and Payne inherited my old one, minus the middle two joints.

He loves it. He insists on digging it out of his toy box whenever I'm using mine, and it must, MUST have a swiffer sheet on it as well.

(Payne is helping me make sure my swiffer sheet is secure here. I can't be trusted to do it right.)

Payne is very industrious. He even squats down to get under the tables. He calls it his "swidr" and will correct anyone who tries to call it a broom or mop or other inferior cleaning implement.

Another random funny from today. Aimee and Jason came over for dinner and suddenly I realized J.P. and Payne (who were playing after they had eaten) were awfully quiet...ominously quiet, in fact. I hopped up to check on them and this is what they were doing:

I guess J.P. is an aspiring banker (with his Mama's money, naturally!). Payne is holding a crisp $20 bill here, and J.P. is clearly reviewing a reciept of the transaction.

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