Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Payne thinks of a nine hour car ride.

"Are we there yet?"

"I give up."
In all reality though, he is an awesome kid in the car. We just provide him with a "nigh" (generally, they're allowed at sleeping times only), and he spends the day in a sort of blanket induced euphoria. He takes a hit here and there, and zones out happily.

Any gaps in entertainment left by the blanket, were filled with the presence of the dogs. Who needs highway bingo when you can yell "Ed-dow! Dah-weh! Sit/Back/No!" ? Yes, Ethel and Stella's names have morphed yet again. "Dah-weh" makes Dan and I giggle, because it sounds like "Yah-weh" with a "D". Of course, Stella would find it perfectly fitting to be named after a deity. As far as she's concerned, Payne is the only one that has her correctly pegged.

Stella and the mere mortals are all glad to be home!

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