Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Toys R Us doesn't want us to know.

(He got a huge kick out of being "strong" and carrying around the big boxes all by himself)

He also stacked them up and tried to break into my zen palace (the laundry room) by getting as high as the baby gate. He must be stopped!

Of course, in all reality, those boxes "cost" me about $80. Soooo maybe yet another package of matchbox cars is a better deal after all.

Oh, and he turned an aquadoodle pen into a pistol today, a plastic freaking pen with a spongy tip! I swear boys must dream about guns in utero. He was running back and forth between Dan and I and "shooting" us. It had absolutely nothing to do with me letting him watch Kevin Costner play Wyatt Earp today. Absolutely nothing.

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