Sunday, January 23, 2011

Payne has street cred.

The kid is certainly a "dive in head first" type, so we've seen our share of bumps and bruises. I was actually afraid to take him in public when he was an early walker. Why do children learn to walk before the reflex to shoot out their arms when they fall is well developed? Gah. Today was quite the day though, the worst one in regard to minor injuries that we've had in awhile.

The morning started off nicely with a swan dive off of the pew at mass directly onto a very nice elderly gentleman's feet. Payne got a beauty of a kneeler shaped bruise on his eyebrow as a souvenir. Late this afternoon he completely ate it crawling all over a chair he wasn't supposed to be messing with, and he ended up with a scrape on his neck, bump on the back of his head, and goose egg on his forehead from that fall.

I swear, on days like this I just want to put him safely in bed at 6 p.m. and start over tomorrow. (sigh)

Here's the damage. You can tell he's really torn up about it. I'm sure these will ripen to a lovely blue grey overnight.

Payne says he knows nothing about a church pew and you should see the other baby.

You can also see his chipped tooth from a previous spill. I prefer to think of the look as "rugged".

On a happier note, Piggy was able to join us for dinner. He really enjoyed the chipotle chicken. I think he will be enjoying it for some time, since it's now ground into his snout curls for all eternity.

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