Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Sleep Hangover

This pregnancy has been delightfully devoid of many symptoms, except for what I've coined as my sleep hangovers.

At night I wake up and am so very happy I'm in bed. I get excited that I'm sleeping and laying there just feels delicious. So I guess this would be the "sleep drunk" that precedes the sleep hangover. ha.

When it's time to get up in the morning I struggle. I lay in bed awake unwilling to give up my cozy nest. Once I finally stumble out of bed I feel ridiculously groggy and sort of stagger towards the coffee machine. My brain doesn't work and everything seems obscenely difficult to accomplish. Despite having just gotten a full night's sleep I feel truly mentally and physically exhausted. I genuinely feel hung over. The only symptom conspicuously absent is overpowering desire for a Whataburger breakfast.

So, what made me laugh and prompted this relatively uninteresting and unillustrated post, was what I did in the midst of my hangover today. I went to get my coffee cup and spoon, set up my sugar and cream, reached for the carafe, and looked down to (nearly) pour my coffee into a cereal bowl.

I remember feeling amused and slightly unnerved by this last time, but it's weirdly hilarious to be fully aware that one's brain isn't firing on all eight cylinders, and won't be for a good long time yet. heh heh.

(p.s. I just spell checked this post and had like 8 errors. Usually I have none. This baby is definitely a brain sucker.)

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