Monday, January 17, 2011


We've been talking a lot about tummies lately, since we've started up with the perfunctory education of the existing child regarding pregnancy.

My Mom has been asking Payne what is in "Mama's tummy" for awhile and he usually answers "Beh-bee!" (no really, his intonation and the raise in pitch at the end makes it sound French. heh heh). He responds dutifully, but sometimes he shoots me an up and down look afterwards, as if to say "You know, this is a really freaking weird concept." or "Why do you keep eating babies?".

We're not batting a thousand just yet though. He once responded with "Apple" (or "abbow" in Paynespeak), which was shockingly accurate, actually.

It was pretty cute yesterday when I asked him what was in my tummy and he then pulled up my shirt, stuck his finger in my belly button and exclaimed "Beh-bee! Beh-bee in'err (in there)". But my favorite answer so far was last night. I asked Payne what was in his tummy right after dinner, and he shot back a big resounding belch. Ha.

The oh so successful first donning of the "Big Brother" shirt.

"Get it off! GET IT OFF! What does it mean?! It buuuuurns!"

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  1. I love it! Too funny. Payne is going to be an awesome big brother!